10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers

There is a run for video editing apps with growing social media platforms and professionalisms. People have now become more active and posting on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and where not?

A high need for HD quality professional video editing has buffed the question and confusion about what video editing software to use and rely on?

Don’t worry, we are here to help you find a solution to this.

Here are the top 10 Best Free Video Editing software for marketers to grow their social handles and watch time.

1. iMovie

iMovie is one of the best-recommended video editing software for all iOS users. It just turns your video into magic instantly. It comes with a lot of options to add, do transition, add tracks and much more.


    • You can choose from the 25 soundtracks to add to your video. There’s also an option to add a soundtrack of your choice from your gallery.
    • You can make a Hollywood-style trailer with 14 templates to choose from. You can cast names, redo studio logos and much more.
    • It allows you to slow and fast forward your videos
    • The keyboard can also be connected to use the shortcuts and do quick editing.
    • Easily transfer your made projects through iPhone, iPad, airdrop or just save to gallery or your google drive. So many options!!

2. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is another amazing video editing software we recommend you for hassle-free editing. Its interface is easy to use and user friendly. It provides its users with the vibrant transition, filters, frame and soundtrack options for free.

To get other more professional options you can purchase its pro version which unlocks thousands of more editing options.


    • With filmmakers, you can do 39 different transitions. Cut, trim, split or duplicate you have all it here.
    • You can add a picture in the picture and edit it any way you want to show it.
    • It provides you with 84 thematic music themes and sounds to add and make your video more attractive.
    • It even comes with a drawing tool which lets you draw or add text.

3. VN Video Editor

VN is a highly popular and simple to use free video editing software. In fact, it is free without any watermarks which usually comes in a premium version in other apps. Even beginners can try and easily edit to make their video a scroll stopping popular.


    • VN supports importing music via browsing or simply from the gallery using airdrop and WiFi.
    • It also provides curve shifting for easy editing. It comes with 6 preset curve options.
    • It even allows for multiple soundtrack playing options. Simply drag and add your audio layer to the background of your video.
    • Customize the resolution easily to a supportable format for your social media handles.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush for Video

Adobe is another splendid option for all the video editors to make their video attractive and more likable on social media.

It gives you vibrant editing options with built-in templates, HD sound multi-track, video and much more. Let, look at its special features.


    • Adobe has more than 30 royalty-free audio tracks to add to your video. All audios are in HD quality.
    • Editing is super easy with preset Colors and customization available.
    • Simply resize your videos to make it right and post on your social media without any delays and without compromising on the quality.
    • Add picture in picture unlimited to make your video more fun!

5. Splice

Splice is just a mini professional version of all the paid high professional software. And the best part- it’s free and simple to use.

With splice, you can create your fully professional-looking videos, add transitions, customize, add text, add soundtrack, filters and much more.


    • A huge variety of soundtracks to choose from. Either add from the gallery or browse and overlay in the video using splice
    • Add narration to your video with the built-in recorder in the splice. Sounds amazing right?
    • Add filters, adjust backgrounds- slow, fast and adjust colors according to your need.
    • Easily share video through splice to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or just save it to your gallery.

6. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is a widely used best video editor for beginners out there. Loaded with powerful tools for editing, Kinemaster helps you trim, cut, add effects, audio for free. It helps you to make incredible videos with an easy to use interface.

You can purchase its a premium version to unlock many more filters, templates and watermark-free videos.


    • It lets you combine and add text, images, stickers or a split video screen to make your video more specific, clear and fascinating.
    • You can even reverse your videos and share them on Instagram, YouTube and all other social media.
    • It provides music tracks, clips graphics, fonts and graphics to make a more professional video.
    • You can even resize the video to a size you want to keep.

7. Vivacut

Vivacut is the best video editing software, whether it be an artistic professional video or just sharing and editing simple special moments, vivacut helps you accomplish every purpose.


    • You can create a multiplayer timeline by adding layers of multiple audios and videos to merge in one.
    • Trim, cut your video and add filters to share them on your stories
    • Create a cinematic like overlay with multiple transition options available to edit beautifully.
    • Easily resize a big size video to share on social media or to just save in gallery or drive.

8. Inshot

Inshot is a super handy and easy to use video editing application. It can even be used by beginners to try their hand in some basic editing. You can even edit your photos to an Instagram fit size and make your profile look attractive.

For more ultra features, you can purchase inshot pro., You can take a free trial and cancel it anytime you want to.


    • Cut, trim video and adjust the speed. The middle cut the videos you want to remove with this handy feature of inshot
    • Edit Video and photos for your Instagram profile. Blur borders or color them to your preference.
    • Add text, emoji and sync it with your video.
    • You can even make a photo collage and share it on social media.

9. Magisto

Magisto is an amazing software for its users to add magic to even the simplest videos. There are plenty of options and editing tools provided in magisto, so create a beautiful video and edit without much prior knowledge. Just magisto!!


    • It’s artificial intelligence smart editor that just makes your video look professional without much effort.
    • You can make moving photo slideshows and video
    • Customize your videos with text, images and stickers you want to pop up in between.
    • Easily share your magisto edited video through magisto to all your social media.

10. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo gives you innumerable options to be creative with your video. Create video, edit and share with friends. You get simple yet powerful editing tools with Filmora.


    • Add a royalty-free soundtrack with HD quality in the background of your video.
    • Get stunning video effects, add effects, filters and texts to add more creativity
    • Edit video, resize and share easily on your social media to get a blast of likes and comments on editing with FilmoraGo.

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