10 Best Ways to Make Money On Instagram in 2020 – 21

10 Best Ways to Make Money On Instagram in 2020 - 21

Instagram which was once basically used to simply post photos has become a great and widely used social media platform even for the marketers today. You can earn a good amount of money through Instagram now.

 It’s not only about photos and videos and needs a lot of effort and a strategy to grow up and stand out from thousands of Instagram accounts. 

To make your account unique and make money on Instagram you just need to know of Instagram marketing tips and think of some small business strategies. You need to devote some time regularly.

Here are some effective tips on how to make money on Instagram :

There are so many startup pages, brands and company pages which look out for people to help the customers to reach them. 

This is a great way of starting to earn money on Instagram. An affiliate is different from those promotion posts which are purposely done to make the audiences aware of the brands and products. On the other hand, an affiliate mentions the price, links and is paid by the company on the basis of purchases through their posts. They are given a commission on the products sold through their efforts

To search the brands looking for affiliates you can download or browse sites which helps all the novices to get linked to a brand for an affiliate.

Another good option to make money on Instagram is sponsored posts. People put up a lot of questions regarding how to do sponsored posts without 10k followers. Well, even if you don’t have thousands of followers, you can still do sponsored promotion on Instagram. 

There are many small brands which start their promotion and sponsored posts with low range profiles. All you need is to make your profile fascinating and get more connected with your audiences on a regular basis so that brands reach you for their promotion.

  • Sell you own Products

To earn money through Instagram another good way can be selling your products through your profile. 

If you have an e-commerce store, you can make an Instagram page for your store and post products and sale updates to get more orders.

If you want to sell your personal products or creativity, you can still use your profile and make your post attractive and informative to attract your audiences to scroll stop on your post.

  • Be an influencer 

This way is the most commonly used yet needs time and effort to maintain. If you work on the tips and your profile to increase your Instagram followers you can do wonders and make a lot of money. Reaching a minimum of 10k followers help brands and pages to reach you to promote them. You also unlock the swipe up feature in the story after reaching 10k followers. 

We have also posted a blog related to how to increase your Instagram followers. You can go through the link.

  • Sell your photos

There are a lot of people on Instagram who post quality pictures pouring in all their creativity into it. But how about getting some money in return of such posts?

Yes, this is possible, there are many apps and sites who purchase your photos and give you money for your posts.

You can go through the following which might help you to sell your photos and earn money on Instagram.

  • Foap
  • 500px
  • Twenty20
  • Do paid Product Reviews 

Brands reach to the people who are active and engage their audiences on a regular basis no matter if they are a great influencer or not.

Such brands need a good product review to be done so that more people visit and purchase their products.

This can be a simple and a good way to get in touch with such a brand which in return send their products to you. All you need is to make a good product review video with hashtags to attract more people. In return these brands pay you money for the review. 

  • Promote your Blogs

If you write your own blogs, poems or novels, Instagram is a great way to promote your own blogs on it. This will not only make more people read your work but will also enhance your Instagram profile. Good promotional posts of your blogs and writings will bring more followers to your Instagram account and can even help you become an influencer if you post and engage your audiences on a regular and planned basis.

  • Earn money from Instagram Apps

There are many apps aside from Instagram indirectly linked to Insta purposely made for people who want to make money through Instagram. All you need is to work a bit on your Instagram profile so when you install these apps and reach out to more people and brands you get noticed with your catchy posts. There are some apps which let you reach pages who look for people to write captions for them and pay money in return.

You can check these apps:

  • Clashit
  • Glymt
  • Caption writer for Instagram 
  • Become a brand ambassador 

Brands on Instagram search for people who can volunteer and help them promote and reach more people for their brand awareness. In return the brands pay you for the service you provide to them. 

There are a lot of people nowadays relying on this way to effectively make money on Instagram.

  •  Sell your Freelancing Services

If you don’t want to be dependent on other brands to make money on Instagram there is still an option for you. 

You can sell your services that you are skilled at. There are many people who sell their beautiful artwork, artifacts, recipes, hairstyling, makeup and teaching etc. on Instagram. You can post your work in an attractive way on your feed and fetch more people and consumers to make money. This is a popular way to earn money on Instagram these days.


Instagram is a boon for the socially active people to do Instagram marketing and make money. This has become a great platform for people all over to share their thoughts, ideas and earn money in return.

We have shared some effective tips on how to earn money on Instagram effectively. You can easily follow the ways which does not require much technicality and can be followed by anyone to make the most out of Instagram and it’s features.

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