2020 Updated WhatsApp Security- A must know for users

WhatsApp is a necessity these days. People now can’t even imagine their daily life without it. Either it be chit chat with friends or an official group for important message exchange WhatsApp helps it all. It has made life more easy and reachable to everyone anytime.

But with this comes a question on the security and increasing cyber crimes. We don’t want to keep privacy and security at stake. 

For this reason WhatsApp provides its users with some security options to enable and keep their chats safe. 

Here, we enlist the security options everybody must know:

The first step to check your WhatsApp security is going to your privacy settings and make you sure you’ve enabled it all for your privacy. WhatsApp gives you all the options to keep your account safe. You can enable your last seen and read receipts on or off accordingly. Hide your statuses or even archive the important chats you don’t want to be shown and keep hidden inside WhatsApp

  • Lock WhatsApp

Another good option for WhatsApp users is locking your password. This was a long awaited feature which is now easily available on WhatsApp.

You can now simply put a password in WhatsApp when you open it.

Make sure you’ve updated your WhatsApp. Now go to privacy in setting, there you’ll find an option lock or fingerprint/face ID lock. Just click, set password and enable. It is this easy now to keep you valuable WhatsApp chats password protected. You can even download some app lock applications from play store 

  • Two-step verification 

Two step verification makes your WhatsApp more protected. However, WhatsApp has its own feature of end-to-encryption, but a two- step verification adds a double layer of protection to your WhatsApp account so that no one gets to read your personal chats.

For this go to privacy settings, now click on two step verification and enable it. It will now ask you to set a 6 digit code. And It’s done.

  • Check Encryption 

WhatsApp Privacy

Though, WhatsApp makes sure of the encrypted chats but if you have some sensitive and important chats, it’s always better to cross check.

For this just go to a person chat you want to recheck the encryption with, tap on their name and go to encryption. There you’ll see a QR code and series of numbers. Check with the person if these numbers are the same or send them QR to cross check. If same then you are safe to go.

  • Hide your Last seen

You can hide your recent activity on WhatsApp by enabling hide last seen. This will prevent anybody from keeping a check on your activity status. However, after enabling this you won’t be able to check back others last seen as well. 

You can even hide your status from certain people you don’t want to show your status too. So many privacy options right?

  • Block unwanted users

WhatsApp suggests to simply block users who you think are unwanted and problematic. This also prevents you from any spams as well. So, to ensure your WhatsApp security this is another good option if you have unwanted people lined up to get rid of and block.

  • Turn off read receipts 

Read receipts are those blue ticks you see so that you can know if your message has been read or not. Well, that can go the opposite way as well. So, it’s always better to keep them off. This way you are not bound by those blue ticks to stay online even amidst your busy schedule to answer messages you can hold on for a while. 

To turn your read receipts off, just go to settings- privacy, you will see an option read receipts turn it off.

  • Log out from WhatsApp web

If you by any chance operate your WhatsApp on browser for any reason, never forget to log it out. If not, this gives a very easy access to any other person who browses on that device to sneak into your WhatsApp. It’s for sure you don’t want that to happen, so, never forget to logout your WhatsApp on the browser after using it.

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