6 Best Ways to Download Embedded Videos For Free (2020)

6 Best Ways to Download Embedded Videos For Free (2020)

What is an embedded video?

When you embed a video you simply add your video or someone else’s video to your writing or your blog. Embed means to include or fix a thing into something.

This must have been seen by most of you on sites while reading an article online. Sites usually embed a video of the related topic in their article or blog. This simply means that they add a link to a video which, when clicked, takes you to that video posted by some other source or site.

How to download embedded videos?

However, embedding videos from other main sources like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter isn’t very easy to do. This is the reason why people often ask ‘How to download embedded videos?’

For this You must know some ways and methods to download embedded videos.

Here are the six  best ways to download embedded videos for free:

  • Download from sites directly 

This is the easiest and the simplest way to download an embedded video for free.

However, video can only be downloaded if they are in an MP4 format. You can then download your video without following many steps

  • Right click on the the video
  • Go to save video as option
  • Select the device location you want to save video

And you are done. This is as easy as it sounds. This way you can download video from any website.

  • Download through browser extension

Another way to download an embedded video is through browser extension. 

For this, chrome extensions are most popular and widely used all over.

To make it easy you can use the following 

  • Video download helper
  • Flash Video Downloader


Flash video Downloader: DOWNLOAD NOW


To add these extensions just search the extension, add it to your browser. 

Now restart your browser which will now show the extension icon above. Play the video you want to download and click the extension icon. It will show a download option through which you can save the video to your device.

Whichever extension option you use, it totally depends on the browser you are using to download an embedded video.

  • Download from free video downloaders

This is an easy and hassle free option to download embedded videos on android.

There are many options in the market which helps you instantly download embedded video. Users can choose from these options to make their work easy and better.

EaseUS Mobimover Free

This application is user friendly with no complex options and interface. Users can simply follow the following steps

  • Install EaseUS mobimover in your device and choose option- video downloader
  • Copy paste the video URL you want download in the white box in this app
  • The application will analyse URL and download the video in your device


Download EaseUS – DOWNLOAD NOW


There are many other applications like EaseUS such as Free HD video converter factory which you can find. These provide a high HD quality download for users.

  • Download embedded video through chrome/ Firefox browser

If you don’t want to download, launch all those downloaders then your browser can do the magic instead.

However it’s a little long method but not hard to follow. Once you know it can save your time from searching all other options to download an embedded video.

You can follow the following steps:

  • Open your browser and play the video you want to download. Now click on the blank area of the page or just press F12 key.
  • Now you will see some options, just click on inspect or inspect element option and navigate to the media tab through it.
  • After this, press F5 key to play the video again so that you can locate the download link
  • Here, you will have to right click and go to the ‘open in new tab’ option. In the new tab when you right click again you will see a download option. There you can save the video to your device.
  • Download embedded videos using online services

This is the shortcut to download embedded videos from the mainstream.  There are many online services like YouTube to MP3/MP4 or fetch file which helps you download videos in an easy and fast way.

YouTube to mp4 link- YMP4 DOWNLOAD

  • Open the video you want to download and copy the link.
  • Now Just search the online service like YouTube to mp3 on your browser
  • It will show a white box, paste the video URL in it and click on download video.

However, these online services only let users download embedded video from the mainstream like YouTube. One cannot download videos from a website using these online services.

  • Use a screen recorder for embedded videos

Screen recorder is a saviour when you can’t go the other ways for any reason like time or network. This is an easy trick made out just to save you if you are not willing to go to any other method.

This is free of complexities where you just need to turn on the screen recorder in your device and play the video. Turn it off when the video is over and there you go.

Though, it has its own disadvantages like what if the video is too long? You can’t just sit that long and wait for it to finish right? 

In such cases switching to the other ways is a wise option.


These are the six best ways through which you can download embedded video for free either on your PC or android. 

We have mentioned all the possible best ways for you. Users can choose any method they like and feel comfortable with. We have also mentioned the step by step description to make it easy for you.


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