11 Best Free Zumba Apps (Android/iPhone) to Fit & Shape Up Your Body

11 Best Free Zumba Apps (Android/iPhone) to Fit & Shape Up Your Body

Fitness is the key to a healthy and happy body. These days people are more aware of fitness and healthy routines than ever before.

But the confusion usually faced is, what kind of fitness and exercise routine should you follow?

This is a general question by every newbie in the workout and fitness zone.

A simple solution to this is Zumba. Zumba is one such way that helps you get fit and back to a healthy track. It keeps you entertained with the dance moves and rhythms.

Zumba is a Low-high intensity workout that includes dance moves with different rhythms. It helps to get you out of the monotonous workout routine and sway up your whole workout with energy and thrill.

Know More About Fitness and How Zumba Helps Burn Your Fat:

Fitness refers to optimal health and overall well being. It includes physical, emotional and mental fitness.

While we talk about Physical fitness, we must know about the four types of physical fitness. These are endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. Each one has its own benefits.

To include it all in one, the following Zumba can be really helpful. It is a cardiovascular exercise that helps in your heart health by keeping it’s rate up. It targets multiple muscles of your body at a time and gradually tone up your whole body.

Zumba consists of different types focusing on your whole body fitness. You can follow whichever suits you or alternate accordingly.

Zumba Classic: It includes low- high-intensity dance moves

Zumba Step: It includes classic Zumba with step aerobics.

Aqua Zumba: As the name suggests, it includes workout in a pool, pretty exciting!! Right?

Zumba Toning: Toning includes light weights focusing on your arms and core.

Sentao Zumba: Sentao means seated. This kind of Zumba is done with some high-intensity moves while seated on a chair.

Gold Toning: It is mainly for the beginners Or old exercisers. It includes fun and light choreography and moves.

Zumba Kids: Its main aim is to let kids know that workout can be fun. Activities and games are conducted in between.

These different kinds of Zumba keep you fit and focuses alternatively on a large muscle area of your body.

Getting confused on which one to opt for???

Well, the following are the 11 Best Free Zumba apps you can go through.

As it’s not safe to move out and join a Zumba class in the Pandemic. These Zumba apps can be really helpful and easy to follow at home. Moreover, in an online Zumba class, you can even switch the Zumba type you want. This helps keep up your energy and interest.

List of the Best Zumba Dance Workout Apps For Android & iPhone:

1. ZIN Play

ZIN Play

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

ZIN Play is an easy to use, free all-in-one mobile Zumba app. It allows users to build and personalize playlists to make your app journey cheerful.

This app is easily accessible with a number of workout and Zumba videos available with a free music playlist that you can create. It is one of the Best Zumba Apps For iPhone and Android. Even if you haven’t made the switch to digital yet, you’ll get content like Mega Mix choreo, plus specialty and bonus videos in this application.

Download: Android and iPhone 

2. Zumba Fitness

Zumba Fitness

Compatibility: Android 

Cost: Free

Zumba Fitness is the best way to find everything related to the Zumba program for free in the new, easy-to-use mobile app.

Since the inception of this application in 2001, the Zumba program has grown to become the world’s largest, most successful and branded fitness program with more than 14 million people from different countries, shapes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes. It’s among widely popular Zumba apps.

This Zumba app allows you to:

  • Filter search by time, distance and type of class
  • Save your favorite classes and access anytime anywhere
  • Set calendar reminders so you don’t miss the classes
  • Access Your Instructors profiles and contact details
  • You can share your classes and invite your friends to join.

Download: Android

3. SYNC Go


Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Sync Go is an amazing app and among the best Zumba apps to cut out the extra fatty lounging belly. SYNC Go is an all-in-one tool for music playlist creation with a variety of songs available. You can access the playlist offline when wifi and data are not accessible in the class.

Your favorite content from SYNC Now can be automatically made sync with SYNC Go to keep you upbeat.

With this dance workout app, you can access video tutorials every month anytime.

Download: Android and iPhone

4. ClassBuzz


Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Now you can easily create and personalize content promoting yourself and your online Zumba classes. Class Buzz is among the easiest to use and feasible Zumba Apps. You can explore your creativity with exclusive Zumba branded content including images, videos, animations and much more! It is one of the Best Zumba apps for iPhone (iOS) and android.

It lets you:

  1. Choose A Template: Pick from class, event, templates. Or you can build your post from the scratch with a blank canvas!
  2. Add Backgrounds, Stickers and Text: It lets you choose a background and personalize your post with text, and bring it to life with official Zumba stickers.
  3. Share To Social Media: Click to share your post with your students, instructing and followers across all social platforms.

Download: Android and iPhone 

5. Zumba Dance Offline and Online

Zumba Dance Offline and Online

Compatibility: Android

Cost: Free

Zumba Dance offline and online is among the Best Zumba apps for Android. This Application is designed for Zumba Dance Lovers. Users get access to daily new video updates in the trending section and a lot more.

Now let’s discuss some features of this application:

  • Save video in Offline mode for easy access.
  • Different categories are available in Zumba Dance.
  • Get daily new videos in the trending section.
  • You can watch videos in the offline section without the Internet.

Download: Android

6. Zumba Dance

Zumba Dance

Compatibility: Android 

Cost: Free

This Application is designed for Zumba Dance Lovers.

Zumba Dance is the best Zumba apps as it helps you lose weight not by dieting but dancing. Sounds fun!! Zumba and Aerobics are right up there when it comes to people’s choices for weight loss. A one hour Zumba session involves continuously moving your body in Latin American dance movements (which are specially selected strenuous ones) that make you sweat, exhaust you and help you burn fat.

Download: Android

7. ZIN Studio™ Livestream

Zumba Studio Livestream

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Zumba studio is among the popular Zumba apps for iPhone and Android.

With this, you can make your own schedule, share and even host Zumba Virtual Livestream classes, anytime and anywhere!

Special Features:

  • All Your Favorite Music: You can Use ANY songs you want from ANY app (like ZIN Play mentioned above) for your Livestream classes. Your class, your choice!
  • Quality Syncing: It’s Live Streaming technology that allows you for better quality and better syncing between music and moves.
  • Manage Your Payments Easily: Set up for students to pay you directly through PayPal for immediate access to your classes, or can send specific student-codes.
  • Get Feedback From Students: Students can react with emojis during class or leave comments for you to see after class for proper feedback.

Download: Android and iPhone

8. Dance Fitness with Jessica

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Compatibility: Android & iPhone

Cost: Free

Dance Fitness with Jessica is a Zumba app that helps you get your desired results by aerobic dancing mixed with fitness. This app will help you burn the most calories while toning your whole body at the same time. Whether you simply want to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, or have a healthier lifestyle—Dance Fitness with Jessica can be tailored to reach all your set goals. Dance Fitness with Jessica combines high-intensity workouts with an upbeat and high energy music.

Jessica’s first fitness class of three people quickly grew to over 700,000 virtual fans and followers from her online community. In addition to her membership live streaming Jessica’s Dance Fitness with Jessica now also features multiple workout DVDs, fitness eBooks, and apparel.

Download: Android and iPhone

9. Aerobic Workout For Zumba

Aerobic Workout For Zumba

Compatibility: Android 

Cost: Free

Aerobic dance workout for Zumba is a way to fat loss with free reggaeton music- so exciting!

You can Download this Zumba Dance workout apps to find aerobic Zumba exercises and learn how to dance well, improve your fitness and lose weight. If you want to do exercise while dancing or if you are looking to have an amazing figure, you can start working out to stay fit and lose weight without dieting You only have to do aerobics workout while you listen to reggaeton music!!

The fitness workouts are cool to do exercise easily at home. This can be followed by any age group selecting the intensity you want. You won’t need a gym, Zumba fitness is the best aerobic cardio workout. You will have fun while you start your fat loss of dancing.

Download: Android

10. iDance


Compatibility: iPhone

Cost: Free

iDance- Find the core of your rhythm

This is an energetic way to keep fit. iDance is one of the Best Zumba Apps for iPhone.

It comes with a wide variety of dance styles in which the instructor guides you through steps and moves for different dance styles from Club Freestyle, disco, Bachata, Salsa and Samba to Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Merengue and Swing.


  • 40 preset classes combine patterns into dance routines
  • Basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for each dance style from which you can select.
  • Let you prepare for and end your dance practice with 3 warm-up and 2 cool-down sessions.

Download: iPhone

11. Aerobic Dance Workout for Weight Loss

Aerobic Dance workout for weight loss

Compatibility: Android

Cost: Free

In this Android application, you will find tons of aerobic exercises to learn to dance, improve your figure, lose weight and stay fit. It is among the best Zumba apps for Android.

Now, you can learn aerobic fitness dancing with aerobics workouts. If you want to exercise while dancing with Zumba aerobics this application’s workouts are the best women routines out there for you. Aerobic exercises are as good as belly dance for belly fat loss in a fun way.

You can also access all kinds of fitness workouts to exercise at home and in the gym. Aerobics fitness is the best cardio workout possible for you. Weight loss dance is a good idea to lose fat and have fun all together.

Download: Android

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