Top 10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone [2020]

10 Best Music Player Apps For iPhone in 2020

There is no one who wouldn’t listen to music- be it jazz, pop, rock, classical or any other genre. People love to spend their spare and leisure time with their headphones or speakers on and tapping to the beats.

To add up to your mood and music iOS has a lot of options out there to choose the best music app from.

So, create your new, melodic playlist as we are here to provide you with some of the best music player apps for iPhone. We have chosen the best and the most popular ones from an unending list of music apps.

List of the Best iPhone Music Player Apps in 2020:

1. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music being one of the best music player apps gets you closer to all the songs, artists and genres you love. Through Apple Music, you get ad-free unlimited access to a wide range of playlists. It’s free for three months and can be cancelled anytime you want.


  • There are over 70 million songs, all are ad-free
  • You can download your favourite numbers and listen anytime
  • You can create your own playlist and choose from the suggestions based on your frequently played tastes.
  • Listen to interviews and audios of your favourite artists.
  • Enjoy the lyrics while you listen to the songs

Download: iPhone

2. SoundCloud – Music & Audio

SoundCloud - Music & Audio

Sound cloud is more than just restricted to some particular artists. People from all places upload their own creativity and compositions. It is a great platform for budding artists. You can even play all popular artist songs here.


  • You get a curated playlist for faster search
  • Explore a whole new world of music, playlists and podcasts
  • You can even connect to the artists and their work you love
  • Get some suggested tracks based on your likings
  • The only platform to hear the music you will find nowhere.

Download: iPhone

3. Cloud Music Player- Listener

Cloud Music Player- Listener

Cloud music player gives you a whole new lot of options to search, save and enjoy anytime, anywhere. With cloud music you can make space and access all your playlists in your drive, or Dropbox.


  • It supports formats like mp3, mp4, wav and many more
  • You can adjust the sleep timer accordingly
  • Maintain an offline playlist for easy access
  • Control access even after a locked screen

Download: iPhone

4. Spotify New Music and Podcasts

Spotify New Music and Podcasts

With the Spotify-music player app, you can listen to millions of songs for free. It also offers podcasts and original uploaded songs of several artists you get nowhere.

It’s easy to use with a catchy interface to find your songs easily.


  • Find a curated playlist according to your mood or your favourite genre
  • Listen to all the songs of your favourite artist in one place.
  • Enjoy unlimited access to your favourite songs and download with the premium version
  • Create your own playlist and share, collaborate with your friends.
  • You can search for live music happening near you.
  • Steam podcasts and videos of several famous and upcoming artists.

Download: iPhone

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5. eSound Music Player App MP3

eSound Music Player App MP3

Discover trending tracks from all genres with eSound Music player app. With eSound you can easily search for songs and create your own library to access only what you want to hear later.


  • Gives you unlimited access to thousands of songs
  • Search by the genre and mood and enjoy
  • You can listen to music in the background while using other apps
  • It streams millions of songs from YouTube.
  • Keeps you updated with the top charts and song rankings
  • Fall asleep without worries with your sleep timer on in the app

Download: iPhone

6. Amazon Music: Sounds & Podcasts

Amazon Music- Songs & Podcasts

Find a new way to listen to music and podcasts with amazon music. Enjoy unlimited songs with a Prime membership or amazon music unlimited for free.

Amazon music steams songs in an ultra HD CD-quality including the Hi-res quality. Not only music but a wide range of podcasts are available for you to explore.


  • Listen to songs over 60 million in HD
  • Get unlimited skips and just play your favourites
  • Save songs and listen offline
  • Enjoy a hand free listening on all your devices.

Download: iPhone

7. Evermusic Offline Music Player

Ever Music Offline Music Player

Ever music is one of the best music player apps with some crazy options and music for you. You can manage your playlist and even edit and adjust bass, treble and edit the way you want. Songs can be downloaded to enjoy in an offline mode as well, and the best part.. it doesn’t consume much of your data when online.


  • Connect with your computer, import files and audios
  • The option of apple CarPlay to groove even when you drive
  • Corrupted metadata in files? Just edit audio tags with ID3
  • Connect your USB card and sync music

Download: iPhone

8. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a new music player app to provide you with easy access to new and trendiest numbers. You get recommended playlists based on your content, location and likings. Lets you enjoy a hustle free no ad music.


  • Find single, live performances, DJ’s and remixes with a click
  • Lock screen and enjoy music
  • Download music and play your offline mixtape
  • Don’t really know the song title? Just Search songs by the lyrics

Download: iPhone

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9. Hungama Music- Songs & Radio

Hungama Music- Songs & Radio

With Hungama Music app listen to your favourite artist, songs and music videos all at just one place. It gives you all options from Indian to international genres and songs from languages all over the world to choose. Listen to some crazy life and uploaded jams and performances. Yes, you have it all here in Hungama.


  • Digital library of songs over 10 million
  • Browse all the possible genres- ghazals, pop, rock, EDM, party hits, soft music, Bhangra, Bhajans and many more.
  • Listen to live on-demand and curated radio for you
  • Just one login and use in multiple devices
  • Redeem points and burn more music and fun.

Download: iPhone

10. Gaana Music – Songs & HotShots

Gaana Music - Songs & HotShots

Gaana is an Indian music player app with its ad and catchy ad song everyone grooves on- ‘Bas Bajna Chahiye Gaana’. This app gives you unlimited access to music in Hindi, English and even your local language (Bengali, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Tamil and many more)

Enjoy some more fun with trendy podcasts and exciting video only on Gaana.


  • Unlimited playlist of your favourite artist.
  • Explore new, old songs based on your mood.
  • Create and browse short videos and stories with the new Gaana Hotshot feature.
  • Get more than 30 radio stations
  • Steam songs in a fine HD quality

Download: iPhone

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