How To Find Someone On Snapchat Without Username Or Number

Snapchat is a fun way to connect and share posts, photos and chat with friends and people from anywhere. This is a simple and exciting app to connect to friends and people you’ve lost connection over the years.

However, if you are new to Snapchat and want to connect and grow your Snapchat friends list or find someone on Snapchat. For this, you must know all the options Snapchat provides you to find people without a username or phone number.

3 Best Easy Methods to Find Someone on Snapchat Without Username Or Number:

Here, we provide all the possible options step by step in a very simple and easy for you to follow and find people on Snapchat.

  1. Snapcode
  2. Find Nearby option
  3. Name search

1. Scan Code and Add Friends

Yes, you read it right. Snapchat has an amazing option of Snapcode for its users. You can easily find someone on Snapchat.

It creates your unique barcode as soon as you sign up for Snapchat. This code can be shown or shared to connect with your friends sitting near you.

Let’s know how it works:

  • Ask your friend to click and open the profile section in the app after that click on the create Bitmoji option. A Snapcode will appear in a yellow square after this step.

Scan code and add friends to find someone on Snapchat

  • Ask your friend to send you the code. Now, just save the Snapcode in your camera roll. In case, your friend is sitting near you just go Snapchat and open the camera, capture the code and add.
  • Now choose the code image in your camera roll and add it to your Snapchat friends list.

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2. Find Friends Nearby You

Snapchat also provides an option of searching people near your location to connect on Snapchat. However, you can only find people nearby you who have the find nearby option enabled in the app. It also helps you find someone on Snapchat without knowing them.

Find Friends Nearby You to Find Someone on Snapchat

Here’s how you can use this option:

  • Go to Snapchat in your device and click to add a nearby option in profile settings
  • You will see an ‘add nearby’ option there. Click on it and Snapchat will show people to add. Simply add them to the friend list.

3. Find Snapchat Users in the Search Bar

You can simply search people just by their names if you don’t know the username or phone number. Snapchat will show the best results for your search and you can easily find people and add them to your friend’s list. So easy to find friends on Snapchat with this.

Find snapchat users in search bar

Let’s look more into how you use this option:

  • Open Snapchat on your mobile or any other device. Now, go to the option ‘Add by username’ it shows.
  • Search the name you want and Snapchat will show all the best suggestions for you by that name.
  • Find the name and simply add to your friend’s list.

These are all the possible options for Snapchat users to find people on Snapchat without any extra efforts. It’s just one click away these days.

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