How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle With Extremely Busy Schedule

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle With Extremely Busy Schedule

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.” Both our mind and body needs to be taken care of. But will an unhealthy body be able to do that? A person with a sedentary lifestyle will never live a healthy lifestyle and will eventually lead to a load of stress and anxiety. 

To lead a happy and healthy lifestyle we need to look after our health. Our body as well as our mind need to be pampered to accomplish all the daily chores successfully. But unfortunately, nowadays people do not fixate on their health due to a super busy schedule. This makes our life dormant and full of stress.

Therefore, one must know how to manage and live a Healthy lifestyle with a super busy schedule. But, How do you manage?

Don’t worry we are here with some healthy lifestyle tips for busy schedule to follow:

Physical exercise plays a major part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You should take out time of at least 30 minutes from your busy schedule to maintain your body. You can either go for jogging, brisk walk or can even do some yoga at home. Keeping up your pace with exercise helps you stay energetic all day long which results in improvement at work. You should fix a time daily for some physical activity you like. It will not only keep you fit but also oppress your tension and stress.

Doing physical exercise also leads to secretion of a happy gland which boosts up your mood.

  • Maintain a Morning routine

Morning routine

The other important thing to audit your schedule is switching to a morning routine. An early start to the day fills in positivity and a fresh start to the day. Waking up early gives enough calm time to spend for yourself before starting with a busy planned schedule. 

Make a proper morning routine starting with good thoughts, gratitude and systematic planning of your whole day. Setting a proper routine will also get you  rid of the ‘not enough time’ excuse. 

  • Eat a Healthy Diet

Another must thing ‘to live healthy is to eat healthy’ with a busy lifestyle. If you do not follow a healthy diet and gulps in all the junks and full carb foods, then it’s a high time to stop. Do you know that what you eat plays a vital role in your mental health? Most of the people sit all day long working and eating rubbish alongside which not only affects their body shape but also does a lot of damage to their mental health.

Eating healthy food like fruits (rich nutrients and vitamins) , vegetables and salad provides your body with enough nourishment you need to compensate for all the energy you lose while working and wearing off.

  • Take Small Meals

Most of us have experienced lethargic after eating all at once when it’s a treaty party kitchen at home. Eating all at once does no good. Your digestive system needs some space to process the food. Taking small meals at a time helps maintain your weight as well as keeps your gut healthy. It is important to never overlook your eating habits which are very essential in making you feel good and keep your lifestyle healthy.

  • Avoid Long Sittings

Our busy schedule and work life asks for a longer sitting at one place to accomplish the tasks. Either it is an office or work from home, it takes a lot of sitting to do the job. But is it really good to keep sitting at a place for so long? Long and bended sitting affects your spinal cord and increases back pain. It also lets that fatty belly come out and degrades your digestive system. 

To prevent this you must take a minute break from time to time and walk a little to some other desk if in office or to the balcony. It keeps you away from back pains and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Proper Water Intake

Water is an essential part of our body which contains 70% of water. But, getting busy with all the work and busy schedule makes us forget to have enough water to keep our body hydrated. You should always take a short break from work at least every hour and have some water. Proper water intake keeps our stomach healthy. 

But, if you even forget to take a break, there are many applications available to install which remind you to have some break and drink water.

  • Do away with mental stress 

You don’t need to take all the stress and tensions over your head. Everyone has a busy schedule but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a good and stress relieving time. 

Even in a busy routine, never overlook spending some chit chat time with your buddies and family. You can also work on your hobbies as soon as you get some time from work. Either it is listening to music, writing, playing sports, painting or dancing- you should never give up on your hobbies. Doing your hobbies gives you satisfaction and happiness which is stress relieving. You deserve it and you should always do it.

  • Spend Time In Nature

Nature is the best and the prettiest gift by God. But, when was the last time you actually stood up still feeling nature and thinking of nothing else? Most of the answers would be ‘I don’t remember’. Spending time in nature is stress relieving. It gives your body enough oxygen which in return feels good and fresh. 


All the above tips are given to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a busy schedule. These tips aren’t much time taking and can be followed in small intervals during your busy work schedule.

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