How to Lose 5kg in a Week Without Exercise

Is your wedding a weekend away? Are you planning for a high school reunion? Or making plans for a vacation holiday with your family for the next week? Whatever the occasion might be, be it your wedding day, or a party, or any special day, everybody wants to look and feel their best! Isn’t it? 

However, you look in the mirror, wishing to let go of the work stress and enjoy for the moment, but to your notice, you are out of shape! And all the thoughts of bad vibes come in, and you keep telling yourself, “How am I going to manage to lose some weight in such a short span? Seriously, I need to get into shape!” 

Has this kind of incident ever happened with you? Well, well, well, many of you must have gone through the same problems and tend to say ‘No’ to several occasions due to your body size. You might think you can’t lose weight in a week and won’t be able to make up for the event! Rather than using the time for letting yourself down, get geared up to trim down before the big day arrives.

Here we are for you to barge in and bring in some hope to your plans and tell you loud how you can lose 5kg in a week naturally and without exercise? Not only just a few pounds but you can certainly lose 5 kgs in 7 days with guaranteed results

Well, join the club and get started with your healthy weight loss journey, by following these simple steps. 

  1. Reduce Water Retention/ Cut Down Your Salt Intake

The primary reason why your body retains the water weight is mainly due to high intake of sodium, and salt. Also, various other factors such as low level of physical activity, food choices, and at times due to medications too your body holds back a few unnecessary pounds. So, now you might be thinking how to lose water weight fast? Right?

Ensure that you consume less amount of salt, stick to low-sodium and low-carb diet foods, and drink plenty of water to help you shed a few extra pounds in a week. Do weigh yourself early in the morning and you will understand the difference between the water weight before and after you skip onto these unhealthy eating habits. It has been said that you can lose weight upto 3 pounds in two days.

  1. Stay Away From Aerated or Sports Drink 

At times, we feel sluggish and hungry while sticking to our weight loss goals and it is because your body is in dehydration mode. You tend to eat less, and drink less. But, as your target is losing weight, you indulge yourself into energy booster drinks that really don’t do anything. Indeed, they add up more calories to your diet and don’t give you the energy you really think you might get. Excuse yourself over here! Instead drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day, according to your body type. Try to satiate yourself by sipping over water in intervals. You can also include lemon honey water to aid weight loss in the morning to flush your toxins.

  1. Avoid Processed Foods

Remember, the process of losing weight in a week is an instant one, it can have an impact on your body, so try to lose weight healthily by eating clean and not just starving yourself. For instance, if you feel like snacking, don’t munch over deep fried/oily food, chips or crackers, cookies, desserts, instead opt for a small cup of nuts, berries, or fruits that you like, but only 1 or 2 depending on your body type.

  1. Load Up on Lean Protein

You have to increase your portion of protein on your plate, and the choice of food should be nutrient dense, however, low in fat and carbs. Food such as lean protein, low-fat dairy products, eggs, seafood, etc. are one of the healthy foods to eat to lose weight It can help you boost your metabolism, reduce your calorie intake thus reducing your appetite. 

Keeping all these steps in mind, you can try a quick meal plan for upto a week to lose 5kg, i.e the GM diet plan and maybe most of you might know about it. It has been proven to show significant results for most people who have followed it. It is a weight loss diet that includes both vegetables and fruits, which are low in calories and more of fibres. GM diet can be followed multiple times but with a gap of 1 week or 2weeks. Please note that care must be taken of your health conditions, or any symptoms if your body is showing up when you are following such types of diet. If you are already facing any eating disorder, or if you are having any illness, follow it under the guidance of a dietician or a nutritionist. These fixes are not suitable for long sustainable plans of keeping off weight. However, if it is your special day preparation or something coming soon, then these can be the steps to win your goal. Stick to this plan of yours to achieve 5kg weight loss in a week!

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