India Test Fires Ballistic missile- ‘Shaurya Missile’

shaurya missile

India successfully test-fired nuclear capable hypersonic missile ‘Shaurya’ on Saturday (4th October) in Balasore, Orissa. The missile can strike targets at around 800 kilometres. 

This is a big achievement amid escalating tensions at LAC (Line of actual control) between India and China where we needed to be more self-reliant in our defence capabilities and hard powers.

Shaurya is highly manoeuvrable, light weight and less vulnerable to anti ballistic missile systems. The missile can be easily stored in a composite canister making it easy to transfer and handle like the Brahmos cruise missile.

The dexterity of this missile shows its ability to not give the enemy more than 400 seconds to detect it when the missile reaches.

The length of this missile is 10 metres with a diameter of 0.74 metres. It has a tremendous strike rage of 700- 1800 kilometers which can carry warheads with the payloads up to a tonne. 

It has a two engine system which helps it to accelerate its speed six times to that of sound before reaching a height of 40 kilometres.

This missile, if launched from a submarine off the Chinese’s coast, can cover a wide area of the major cities of China.

One of the scientists stated “Shaurya has an element of surprise as it can be kept in locations camouflaged in underground silos from the enemy surveillance and the enemies would not be able to detect till it is fired. It cannot be detected by the satellite imaging, which makes the system war ready and lethal. The missile can be fired from both land and underwater submarines.”

This is among world’s top ten missiles and an applaudable work done by the DRDO. 

The first ever testing of the Shaurya missile was done in the year 2008 in Chandipur, Orissa. The second developmental trials of this missile, a land variant of Submarine Launched Ballistic missile (SLBM) K 15 was completed in the year 2011.

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