US Presidential Election- Questioned about India’s data on COVID 19

US Presidential Election- Questioned about India’s data on COVID 19

During the ongoing US presidential elections, in the first debate on Tuesday night president Donald Trump and his democratic rival Joe Biden squabbled on the whooping death tolls due to the Pandemic.

The first of three presidential election debates was held in Cleveland, Ohio this Tuesday. Both the candidates for presidential elections squared off on various topics including supreme courts vacant seats, COVID 19, climate change, mail in ballots and about the protest against racial inequality in the region. Questions were also raised about the current economic crisis in the US with an 8.4% unemployment rate and a total debt of $26.8 trillion. The country is also incurring industrial loss due to the pandemic.

Trump’s opponent, Biden also threw the allegations on Trump’s government for the rising cases and death tolls due to coronavirus in the US. Currently, the US has the highest death tolls and severity of COVID 19 preceding India.

Biden said ‘2,00,000 people died of coronavirus in the United States is 20% of the global death toll of 10 lakh people. However, the US population is only 4% of the total world population’.

To this, Donald Trump retorted, “When you talk about numbers you don’t know how many people died in China, you don’t know how many people died in Russia, you don’t know how many people died in India, they don’t give you an exact count of that”. 

However, in some earlier news conferences Trump mentioned India as the second best country in the world behind the US for conducting COVID 19 tests.

Trump also added that millions could have died without the actions of his government and disparaged China for the Global suffering.

Here is a short clip of the first debate in Cleveland, Ohio between Trump and Biden:

During the debate session Trump was repeatedly speaking over Biden and the mediator Wallen even after wallen’s request to wait for his chance.

To this, Biden at one a point snapped “Will you shut up, man?”

Both Biden and Trump were also questioned about the allegations imposed on both of them. Biden (77) was questioned about Hunter Biden’s (his son) illegal Ukraine links. Trump (74) was targeted for paying only $750 taxes during the first two years of his presidency, while he declared his earnings $434 million in year 2018, alleged by a report.

Later, when the session was over Trump claimed that he won the debate against Joe Biden. He stated “By every measure we won the debate easily last night, I think Biden was very weak, he was whining. We won the debate by every poll I saw. If you look at the various polls, I looked at six of them, we won every one of them.”

The next two US presidential debates will be held on October 13 and 22 as per scheduled. The Vice President debate between Mike Pence (Vice President) and senator Kamala Harris will take place on October 7.


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